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Xiaomi is all set to unveil its latest smartphones, the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro, on September 26. However, just days before their official launch, both devices have made an appearance on a European retailer website, revealing their price details and specifications. In this article, we will delve into the key features and offerings of the Xiaomi 13T series.

Price and Variants

According to the listing on Romanian e-commerce website eMAG, the Xiaomi 13T Pro will be available in a sleek black shade, priced at RON 4,699 (approximately Rs. 84,100) for the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage variant. On the other hand, the Xiaomi 13T will come in an attractive alpine blue shade, priced at RON 3,299 (around Rs. 59,000) for the 12GB RAM and 512GB storage variant. These leaked prices indicate that Xiaomi continues to provide top-notch specifications at competitive price points.

Display and Refresh Rate

Both the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro sport a stunning 6.67-inch full-HD+ display, boasting a high refresh rate of 144Hz. This ensures a smooth and fluid user experience while browsing, gaming, or watching multimedia content. The aspect ratio of 20:9 provides an immersive viewing experience, further enhancing the overall visual appeal of these devices.

Powerful Processors

Under the hood, the Xiaomi 13T is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultra SoC, while the Xiaomi 13T Pro takes it up a notch with the more advanced MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ SoC. These powerful processors ensure seamless multitasking, faster app launches, and a lag-free user experience. Whether it’s high-intensity gaming or resource-intensive applications, these smartphones can handle it all effortlessly.

Photography Prowess

Both the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro feature a versatile triple rear camera setup. With a 50-megapixel primary camera, a 50-megapixel telephoto sensor, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, users can capture stunning photos with exceptional detail, clarity, and dynamic range. For selfie enthusiasts, a 20-megapixel front camera is also offered, allowing them to click beautiful and share-worthy self-portraits.

Battery and Charging

To keep up with the demands of modern consumers, the Xiaomi 13T series is equipped with a robust 5,000mAh battery. This ensures long hours of usage on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent recharging. Moreover, the Xiaomi 13T Pro supports 120W fast charging, providing lightning-fast charging speeds, while the vanilla model offers up to 67W charging speeds.

Design and Security

The Xiaomi 13T Pro and Xiaomi 13T boast a sleek and stylish design, with dimensions of 75.7 x 8.49 x 162.2mm. While the Pro model weighs 200 grams, the vanilla model is slightly lighter at 197 grams. Additionally, both smartphones feature an IP68-rated build, offering resistance against dust and water. Furthermore, an in-display optical fingerprint sensor ensures quick and secure authentication.


With the Xiaomi 13T series, Xiaomi continues its legacy of delivering feature-packed smartphones at competitive prices. Offering powerful processors, impressive camera setups, high-refresh-rate displays, and long-lasting battery life, these devices are set to make a mark in the industry. Stay tuned for the official launch on September 26 to explore all the exciting features of the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro.

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