OnePlus is gearing up to enter the foldables market in India, presenting a strong competitor to Samsung. With the imminent launch of its first foldable device, OnePlus is expected to bring flagship specifications that will position it alongside the only two players in the country offering premium horizontal folding devices: Samsung and Tecno. Despite numerous leaked renders, the public was recently treated to a glimpse of what appeared to be the OnePlus Open, as actress Anushka Sharma was seen using it. Now, ahead of the global launch on October 19, OnePlus has officially revealed the foldable’s design.

In a video released by popular YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger, OnePlus Co-founder and CEO Pete Lau showcased the upcoming foldable while providing insights through an interview. Lau explained that the OnePlus Open combines the best of OnePlus and Oppo’s technological advancements into one remarkable device.

The main focus of the video revolves around the phone’s fresh design language, which significantly deviates from any previously released OnePlus smartphone. The metal frame boasts flat sides and an overall form factor that clearly distinguishes it from Oppo Find N2’s broader inner and outer displays. Moreover, it does not resemble Samsung’s thin remote-control-like design, which results in a slightly cramped outer display. The front of the phone features a glass that extends to the edges of the slim metal frame, contributing to its sleek and contemporary appearance.

During the video, Lau revealed that OnePlus holds approximately 600 patents related to foldable technology. This extensive patent portfolio enables them to achieve a gapless design, previously debuted in the Oppo Find N. Demonstrated in the video, the hinge is so robust that it can hold the foldable together using only a piece of paper.

Lau also disclosed that OnePlus possesses 35 patents for the newly developed hinge design. This iteration outperforms the Oppo Find N2’s hinge by reducing the number of components, resulting in a lighter, more compact, and highly durable design. In fact, the new hinge is 37 percent smaller than its predecessor on the outgoing Oppo Find N2 model.

Aside from the hinge, OnePlus has made room for its distinctive Alert Slider, a feature that has been present in its premium devices for several years. However, the inclusion of this feature raises the possibility that the foldable may lack an IP rating. Similarly, the OnePlus 11 5G, their most premium smartphone offering, does not come with an IP rating.

In addition to discussing the design, Lau also addressed the adaptation of apps to the foldable’s inner display. Only Samsung has successfully accomplished this with its Galaxy Z series horizontal foldable devices. Lau claims that OnePlus collaborated with Google to ensure that apps are seamlessly adapted to both displays, improving the overall user experience.

Lau further revealed that OnePlus will adopt different product strategies for various regions in order to maximize its market reach.

It is important to note that the unit showcased in the video is an early sample, so some details may change before the final production units are ready for the official launch announcement. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the phone in the video remained off throughout, suggesting that the software might not be fully ready yet. According to recent leaks, the official unveiling of the device is scheduled for October 19, 2023. The OnePlus foldable is expected to be priced below Samsung’s premium foldable offering, the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

In conclusion, OnePlus is entering the foldables market in India with the highly anticipated OnePlus Open. Boasting a gapless design and incorporating flagship specifications, the OnePlus Open aims to rival Samsung and Tecno in the foldables space. With a distinctive design language and the inclusion of cutting-edge technology, OnePlus aims to make an impact in the rapidly expanding market of foldable mobiles.

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