Apple, a revolutionary force in the tech industry, has long avoided the foldable trend. However, recent reports suggest that Apple’s foray into the foldable market is imminent, teasing the arrival of a foldable iPad. While previous speculation focused on a foldable iPhone, an inside source reveals that small-scale production of this groundbreaking Apple Foldable Pad is expected to commence by the end of 2024, with a potential release in the same year. This bold move indicates Apple’s determination to assert its dominance in this evolving segment.

An Emerging Market for Foldable Smartphones

As Samsung’s reign in the foldable smartphone market persists, more smartphone manufacturers are showing interest in this burgeoning category. Over the past several years, Samsung has maintained its stronghold and introduced its lineup of foldable phones in India. However, recent developments have witnessed other major players such as Motorola and Oppo join the race, with OnePlus following suit with its premium horizontal foldable following Tecno’s Phantom V Fold’s debut.

Apple’s Strategic Approach to Foldables

Apple, renowned for its innovative ethos, is strategically positioning itself to capitalize on the foldable trend. While the company has not yet unveiled its design for foldable iPhones or iPads, it is reported that Apple will initially experiment with larger devices like the iPad before transitioning to iPhones. By adopting this approach, Apple seeks to refine its technology through the iPad, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective production process when it ultimately applies the same advancements to its iPhones.

The iPad as Apple’s First Foldable Device

One of the reasons behind Apple’s choice to explore foldables with the iPad is the striking similarity between iPadOS and the iPhone’s iOS operating system. Leveraging the existing framework, Apple aims to streamline the integration of foldable technology, facilitating a smoother user experience. Additionally, from a risk perspective, the iPad represents a smaller proportion of Apple’s revenues compared to the critically important iPhone, offering a more controlled environment for experimentation and refinement.

Apple’s Pursuit of Cost-Effective Production

To ensure a cost-effective production process, Apple is reportedly focusing on a simpler design for its first foldable device. By embracing a more straightforward approach, Apple can streamline manufacturing processes, reduce complexities, and efficiently manage production costs. In doing so, Apple aims to deliver a foldable iPad that strikes a balance between technological innovation and affordability, capturing the attention and interest of a wide range of consumers.

Supporting Evidence and Analyst Insights

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has offered glimpses into Apple’s foldable iPad plans. Kuo’s previous predictions of a carbon-fiber kickstand and an anticipated release in 2024 align seamlessly with the latest reports. Furthermore, Kuo highlights Apple’s pivot towards a foldable iPad as tablet shipments decline, ensuring Apple remains at the forefront of innovation, even in the face of market challenges.


With the imminent debut of Apple’s first foldable pad, the tech giant is poised to revolutionize the market once again. By venturing into the foldable realm, Apple showcases its commitment to technological advancement and consumer demand. Industry enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Apple Foldable Pad, expecting a fusion of cutting-edge design, seamless functionality, and affordability. As Apple’s journey towards foldables unfolds, the ever-evolving tech landscape is set for another paradigm-shifting transformation courtesy of Apple Inc.

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