Block Spam Emails

In today’s digital age, dealing with spam emails in Gmail has become an everyday struggle. The constant influx of unsolicited emails, newsletters, and promotional messages from unfamiliar senders can clutter your inbox, making it challenging to find and prioritize important emails. If you’re tired of this never-ending battle against unwanted emails, fret not! We have some simple but effective tricks that will help you regain control of your Gmail inbox and keep it free from spam.

Mass report and unsubscribe from spam email

Start by logging into your Gmail account and selecting all the spam emails you wish to unsubscribe from. Be sure not to select any important emails mistakenly.

Next, click on the “i” icon located at the top, which will provide you with options like “Report spam” or “Report spam and unsubscribe.”

Take a closer look at the listed email IDs. If you don’t recognize any of them as important, choose the “Report spam and unsubscribe” option.

By following this process, you’ll effectively stop receiving further emails from these accounts.

Create filters to detect spam email

To create filters that can detect and manage spam emails in Gmail, first, open your Gmail account and click on the search box at the top.

Type the word “unsubscribe” to list all the promotional emails.

Carefully select all these spam emails, but remember to double-check and ensure there are no newsletters or emails you actually want to keep.

Click on the three dots at the top and select “Filter messages like these.”

Now click on the “Create filter” option and decide what action you want to take with these emails. If you prefer to have them automatically deleted, select the “Delete it” option.

A notification will appear at the bottom, confirming the creation of the filter. Additionally, you can choose other actions like applying labels or marking them as read.

Use a temporary email ID

Sharing your primary Gmail ID on random websites can expose it to third parties, leading to an influx of spam emails. It’s important to note that some spam emails may appear genuine, potentially luring you into clicking on phishing links, posing a threat to your personal information.

To safeguard your primary Gmail account, consider using a temporary email ID when signing up for websites.

Visit a trusted website that offers free temporary email IDs, such as

Take note of the temporary email address provided and utilize it in place of your actual email ID whenever needed. Consequently, emails intended for you will be redirected to this temporary account instead of cluttering your primary Gmail inbox. Alternatively, you can create a separate Gmail ID specifically for use on such websites.

By adopting this approach, you ensure the security and spam-free nature of your primary Gmail account.

In conclusion, combatting spam emails in Gmail can be made easier with the implementation of these simple tricks. Mass reporting and unsubscribing from spam email, creating filters, and using a temporary email ID are effective strategies to keep your inbox organized and free from unwanted clutter. Don’t let spam emails distract you from your important messages – take control of your Gmail inbox today!

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