chrome_browser Errors

CERT-In, the national nodal agency for computer security incidents in India, has issued a warning highlighting a series of high-severity vulnerabilities present in the widely-used web browser, Google Chrome. These security flaws have the potential to enable malicious individuals to execute unauthorized code and initiate denial of service attacks on targeted systems. To safeguard against potential threats, CERT-In advises users to promptly apply the recommended updates provided by the browser’s vendor.

Understanding the Vulnerabilities:

The vulnerability note issued by CERT-In explains that by exploiting specific weaknesses, remote attackers can gain control over a system by sending purposefully crafted requests. It is crucial for users to ensure that they have updated their Google Chrome versions to at least 118.0.5993.70/.71 on Windows and 118.0.5993.70 on Mac and Linux to minimize the risk of falling victim to these vulnerabilities.

Taking Action Against Chrome Errors:

CERT-In stresses the significance of addressing these Chrome errors promptly to prevent potential security breaches. The agency highlights that multiple vulnerabilities have been reported, which can allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code, leading to critical denial of service (DoS) conditions on targeted systems. By staying informed about the latest updates and advisories provided by CERT-In, users can minimize the risk of falling victim to these threats.

Collaborative Efforts for Enhanced Cybersecurity:

In an effort to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure, Google Cloud recently partnered with CERT-In. This collaboration aims to train 1,000 government officials in the best practices of cyber defense, including the utilization of cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence. Additionally, Google Cloud and Mandiant experts will lead cybersecurity hackathons to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants. This initiative also includes the provision of 1 lakh cybersecurity certificate scholarships, reinforcing the commitment to creating a secure digital environment.


In light of the high-severity vulnerabilities present in Google Chrome, CERT-In’s warning emphasizes the critical need for users to undertake immediate action by applying the recommended updates. By constantly remaining vigilant and staying informed about the latest vulnerability notes and advisories, users can effectively address potential Chrome errors and safeguard their systems from malicious attacks. The partnership between Google Cloud and CERT-In further demonstrates the joint commitment to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity landscape. Together, these efforts will contribute to a safer online experience for all users.

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